Mission One Million (self defence workshops)

We conduct workshops on Self-Defence. Our mission is to teach self-defence to one million girls and women under the name Mission One Million.
The objective of the project is to give women the necessary skills to avoid becoming the victim of an assault. Although avoidance may not always be an option, becoming more aware can prevent most potential confrontations. Awareness allows us to have a pre-emptive response, giving us the options of avoidance, escape, dissuasion or even attack, allowing us to deal with a situation before it deals with us.

Topics covered in the Self-Defence Workshop

  • Definition of awareness from a Self-Defence perspective
  • Understanding the different Levels of Awareness
  • Techniques on becoming more aware.
  • Understanding how an attacker chooses his victim.
  • Understanding and controlling your personal space.
  • Principles to stay safe.
  • Response strategies.

Till date approximately 35000 women and girls have attended self-defence training conducted by Red Brigade in different parts of India (mainly in UP) viz. Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhaddohi, Varanasi, Gazipur, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Assam, and Kerala.

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Educate A Girl

We believe the best way to empower girls is through education. Education might lead them to financial independence and hence may give them strength to stand up against the social odds/violence. We enrol the Survivors and other under-privileged girl students under this project.

  • 2014-15: 6 girls were enrolled in schools and colleges (Brief with pictures).
  • 2015-16: The number of enrollments increased to 17, ranging from Class-IV to Graduation degree.
  • 2016-17: 15girls were enrolled.

Till date approximately 35000 women and girls have attended self-defence training conducted by Red Brigade in different parts of India (mainly in UP) viz. Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhaddohi, Varanasi, Gazipur, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Assam, and Kerala.

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Work with Survivors (assistance to survivors of sexual assault and acid attack)

We are working with some survivors of sexual assault as well as acid attacks. We provide them the much needed counselling, prepare them to fight back, provide legal, medical, and other forms of assistance if required. We also try to raising funds for the survivors’ legal and medical aid, if required. We help them with their education and also train them with the techniques of self-defence.
‘Diya’, ‘Mahak’, ‘Monika’, ‘Deepmala’, ‘Nirmala’ are a few of the many cases we have dealt with/ are dealing with.

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Awareness Campaigns (regarding violence against women)

We try to educate women/girls about their rights through street plays and workshops regarding the forms of violence and also throw light on Gender Discrimination. We also conduct rallies, protests, signature campaigns, etc. for the same. We run our annual campaigns during:

  • 16th Dec to 29th Dec – The brutal and fatal gangrape of Damini/ Nirbhaya in Delhi on Dec 16th 2012 raised nation-wide anguish, anger and protest. The braveheart, after fighting for 14 days, finally gave up her fight on Dec 29th 2012. As a tribute to Nirbhaya and many such bravehearts, Red Brigade has started 14 days of activism to raise awareness on Violence against Women, Women Safety and other related matters. Since 2013, Red Brigade takes up different women-related issues each year to attract the attention of the Govt. towards them and get them solved.
  • nbsp; 25th Nov to 10th Dec – The 16 days activism against violence against women is an international campaign that was started by the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) in 1991. The 16 days run from November 25 (International Day against Violence Against Women) to December 10 (International Human Rights Day) to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasise such violence as violation of human rights.
  • One Billion Rising Revolution on 14th Feb – About 1 in 3 women across the planet is beaten or raped during her lifetime i.e. One Billion Women and Girls. On Feb 14th of every year, women/girls from all over the world stand Solidarity Against Exploitation of Women. Red Brigade too stands in solidarity with women/girls who has suffered from or is suffering from violence.

Apart from the above said annual campaigns, we run our campaigns throughout the year in different cities and on need basis.

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Good Touch Bad Touch (GTBT) project

We work with children of age group 5-12 years to make them aware of the different types of touches so that they can differentiate been friendly touches and abuses and can also report to their parents/teachers of any mishap. This is a step to prevent child sexual abuse.

We also interact with parents and teachers and train them to keep a watch on the behaviour of the child; the change in behaviour should be taken seriously. If the child complains about any such incident, he/she should be counselled and measures should be taken to solve the complains.

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Campaign with Boys

We have observed that eve-teasing and sexual harassment is quite common now-a-days. As a consequence many girls are not allowed to go to school/college. Even if they have to go to market or for any important work, they are accompanied either by brother(s) or father or any other male member of the family.
Generally, boys tease a girl for their entertainment. We aim to reach different age group of boys, interact with them and make them know how their seconds/minutes of entertainment affect a girl’s life. We need to sensitize them about different women issues, and make them understand their roles and responsibilities towards girls/women so that the number of eve-teasing/sexual assault is decreased.
We aim at lowering the number of futuristic probable eve-teasers and increase the number of sensitive and responsible ones.

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Red Brigade Academy

Since Red Brigade mostly work with Survivors (most of our team members and the cases we have come across are victims of one form of sexual violence or other, most of them in their own houses by their own family members or close relatives), we need to build a residential Academy, the Red Brigade Academy. The survivors who raise a voice against the injustice are more prone to risks, including the risk of life; we need to provide them a safer environment, a shelter and the courage to fight back with more strength. The victims who are traumatized by their own family members or are not safe at their homes might stay back in the Academy and fight their battle.

The Red Brigade Academy will be made with the following goals:

  • Safety Cell – The goal of the Safety Cell will be to provide a safer and peaceful environment to the survivors. It will also take care of the self-defence trainings.
  • Education Cell – We believe that education is the right of every child. The Education Cell will help the young under-privileged girls with their school/college education. It will also educate them about their rights and the gender issues. We also aim at providing basic computer literacy so that they may find some better job opportunities.
  • Legal Cell – The Legal Cell will provide assistance to victims of violence. The cell would assist the survivors with their medical examination, FIR registration, and preparation of legal documents, and find an advocate for them, if needed.
  • Health Cell – The Health Cell will look after the health issues of the survivors and other girls. They will also deal with the necessary counseling of the survivors.
  • Employment Cell – The Employment Cell will try to create alternative modes of employing women (including survivors), so that they can become financially independent. This will give strength to their fight.

We might introduce some skill-based vocational courses and train them according to their skills. The employment generation will help women meet their financial needs and might also generate some revenue for the running of the Organization.

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